Great quality meat at affordable prices

Due to the current concern over the national spread of the Covid-19 virus and requirements given to businesses by the State, we are making some changes to the way we operate. These changes will focus on the health and safety of our customers and employees during these uncertain times.


Our current hours are:

Monday - Saturday


Sunday   8:00am-1:00pm

Skip the line, order by phone for window pickup!

Phone orders made before 3pm will be available for same day pick-up

Call 401-751-6935 to place an order


Now open for walk-in service!

You must follow these 5 rules while in our store:

  • A mask or face covering is REQUIRED to enter the store. It must cover you mouth and nose. Do not remove it to talk or while in the store.

  • Stay behind the line marked on the floor at all times while at the meat counter.

  • Keep your spacing. Maintain atleast a 6 foot distance between other customers and employees. Be respectful and patient while in our store.

  • 5 customers MAX in the store. If the max has been reached then you must wait in line outside. Do not enter until someone exits. Once inside, please wait on the X marks on the floor until line moves. Stay behind blue floor line at meat counter.

  • If you are sick or feel sick, DO NOT ENTER.


Window pick-up guidelines:

  • Please have your order ready before you call. Package #, or items and amounts of each. We have theses listed with pictures on the "Products" page.

  • Unfortunately, meat pricing has been changing almost daily. We are unable to display a price list at this time but will be glad to give prices as you order.

  • When picking up your order, maintain a reasonable distance between other customers in line. Our goal is to keep every safe. (CDC recommends 6ft)

  • Phone orders can also be picked up inside. However, if there is a line to enter the store we recommend using the window for faster service.

  • Do not lean on or into the pick-up window.

  • If you are sick or feel sick, please send someone else to pick up your order. Be sure to provide the name of the person who will pick it up.





Our goal is to help limit the spread of this virus while still offering our great products and prices to the community. We appreciate your understanding and are eager to serve you. Please check back for updates!


Important Changes

A list of products can be found here